Consulting & Roof Asset Management

What is a Roof Asset Management Plan?

A Roof Asset Management Plan is a program designed to meet the roofing needs of a particular building to help ensure the roof reaches it maximum operational lifespan. Asset management plans differ from a restoration plan in that an Asset Management Plan is preventative maintenance to help prolong the useful life of the current roofing system without any restoration or replacement needed.

Who Needs an Asset Management Plan?

All savvy building owners will benefit from an Asset Management Plan. Oftentimes, owners neglect to perform the required roofing maintenance that manufacturers require. This will cause the roof to have more degradation than a typical roof of the same age class, and will more than likely hinder the functionality of the roof. When severe degradation is found in a roofing system the only viable option is to perform a restoration, or a full replacement. This mistake can prove to be costly, and can typically be prevented by having a comprehensive Asset Management Plan in place.

How do Asset Management Plans Work?

When managing multiple roofs, having a sound asset management plans is one of the smartest things a property owner can do to maintain the condition of their roofs. During new construction of a building a roof consists of approximately 5%-10% of the new construction cost. When considering the price for a replacement this cost becomes exponentially greater, and can be as high as 20%-30% of the buildings value.

This is one of the key reasons it so important to have an asset management plan in place. Programs like the ones we offer are designed to help owners achieve the full lifespan of their roofing system. MRB offer’s it customers asset management plans based off of their specific needs. Each property is evaluated, and a strategic plan of action is put into place depending upon the roof type, condition of the roof, and a list of other factors.

When considering which plan is right for you, consider the following questions:

  • What is the condition of the current roof?
  • What is the condition of the roof deck?
  • What is the property currently used for?
  • Has a contractor conducted a core analysis to determine what the composition of the roof is (Ie. Insulation type, is there more than one roof, etc..)?
  • Does the current roof system have moisture trapped?
  • What is the system type?
  • Does the roof have adequate drainage that meets the manufacturers requirements and specifications for standing water?

These are just a few of the items we look at when determining which asset management program is most suitable for you. Different roofing systems require different programs to help ensure the roof
reaches it maximum lifespan, and every program we write is uniquely designed to fit a particular buildings needs.

Below are a list of benefits from having an Roof Asset Management Plan in place.

  • Extend the useful life of the roof and save thousands over the long run
  • Ability to streamline the maintenance process
  • Prevent leaks before they happen
  • Improve client retention due to nice, clean facilities that are leak free
  • Improve your ROI on your current roofing system
  • More accurate annual forecasting of maintenance costs