Brenda Alvarez

HR Manager

Brenda Alvarez is the Human Resource Manager for MRB Contractors and its two subsidiaries. With over 20 years of combined work experience, Brenda is a results-focused leader who delivers talent acquisition, retention and motivation solutions that help companies harness the full power of one of their most valuable assets- their people.


After earning her degree in Applied Science in Management with concentration in Human Resources, she has put her knowledge to practice and continues to progress for future growth.  Some highlights of her time in this role include improving employee engagement, response time and service quality.  A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace and home.


Mrs. Alvarez resides in Grand Prairie Texas with her husband, son, and daughter.  She is a member of at Crossroads Christian Church where she serves in the youth ministry. She enjoys spending time with her family, trying new restaurants, and traveling.