Sheet Metal Fabrication

MRB has its own sheet metal fabrication shop and owns its own brake presses, and slitters. When it comes to fabricating sheet metal we do not subcontract any of it out. This is done in house, and allows us to have unprecedented quality control, and gives us the ability to deliver effective, consistent results with no deviation in workmanship.

The vast majority of commercial roofs require the use of sheet metal in some form or another. Most commercial, and industrial buildings have metal coping, and/or gutters on them. It is extremely important to have a sheet metal fabrication, and installation crew that understands the intricacies of how various metal components are supposed to be fabricated, and installed. The metal components on a commercial or industrial roof complete the overall roofing system. If metal is not fabricated and installed correctly, the manufacturer will not provide the end user with a manufacturer warranty.

We offer the following sheet metal services:

  • Roll forming of roofing panels
  • Coping Fabrication
  • Gravel Guard
  • Commercial Gutters
  • Wall Flashing
  • A/C Counterflashing
  • A/C Plenums
  • Ventilation Ducts